Monday, June 21, 2010

Investigating Missing Child/Relative

Searching for missing child/relative is something that is not easy and requires appropriate management strategies, in accordance with the background behind the disappearance of the child/relative, as well as the circumstances when the child/relative disappeared.

In some incidence, for certain reasons the child/relative left the family on purpose. This situation would need a different investigating strategy than when the missing child/relative incidence has an indication of being kidnapped.

Searching through Facebook or Twitter networking could be helpful. Nonetheless, for certain reasons sometimes the family would want the investigation to be conducted covertly.

Investigation system for missing person would not be effective without using special gadgets such as telecommunication gadgets, video surveillance, cyber or GPS system.

Skill, ability and experience of field operators are very influential in the success of an investigation. Systematic, continuity and focus are the principle that is usually applied in an investigating team consisting of talented people with different scientific backgrounds.


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